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Mom And Nana Are Out Here
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Just as a heads up, e-mails and sending out pictures will probably wait until Sunday or Monday. My Mom's out here and I don't think I'll have much e-mail time. Just so you know that I haven't forgotten about you.

Today during the day we got some errands done. We went to the bank, got some wine for my Mom, and picked up my monthly prescriptions. Today my Mom and Nana came out to the area. Today was the day my Nana moved into The Virginia rehab and care facility.

Later on when she was settled in, the three of us headed over to the facility. It's only about ten minutes away, not bad at all. My Uncle Kim and Aunt Pam were there as well for awhile. They headed out about a half hour after we arrived. The rest of us (my Mom, Rob, Gabriel, and myself) stayed there for a long time.

She seems to be doing as well as can be. She said there's some pain in her hip and foot, but that's to be expected. She wasn't happy about the move, but my Mom said she kind of got resigned to it and when I asked her how she felt about this she said she was okay with it. I don't know if she is or not, she would tell me it was fine even if it wasn't.

It was so nice seeing her again. Apparently the days after the mini stroke where all she wanted to do was sleep helped a lot. She's very lucid and the only problem was that she couldn't hear very well. She seemed very with it. She's living there now for rehab and once she's done with that and fully healed we'll go from there. It's nice having her in my area. She's going to get a whole lot of visits from Rob, Gabriel, and me.

The three of us left a little after 9pm, grabbed some dinner to bring back, and headed back home. A little after 10pm my Mom arrived at our place. We gave her the dinner we picked up for her and she got settled in. She'll be staying with us while she's here, but won't be here that long this trip out. Rob gave Gabriel a bath and we're currently getting our towels laundered up.


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