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I hate mosquitos.

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Eight. That's how many new mosquito bites I have. Yesterday I had a bunch of them swarm me as I went from the car to the apartment door (probably about 5-10 steps). There were also some in the house last night as well that Rob killed when he could find them. This morning I woke up with eight new bites. Am I just that tasty??? Good lord, it's a good thing that vampires don't exist or I wouldn't have any blood left if I'm just that yummy.

I hate mosquitos.

My Mom headed back to her place today. *snifflewah* But, it looks like she'll be coming out again next week to spend more time with my Nana and she'll be staying with us again. Yay! I like having things to look forward to.

We headed to Perkins for dinner tonight. That's become our Tuesday night thing. We head to an early dinner there on Tuesday's because it's "kids eat free" night which means there are usually other kids around and Gabriel doesn't bother others too much. He was really well behaved tonight, though there were a few raptor-like shrieks when we didn't feed him the applesauce fast enough. At one point he started shaking his head back and forth and thought it was fun and hilarious. Rob and I laughed at it, which only encouraged it and so we had him spazzing for about five minutes straight.

Tonight we watched Big Brother and gamed. I washed up the guest sheets and towels and and now have my slippers in the dryer. Rob gave the Poopchuck a bath, and the Poopchuck just fell asleep. It's an early night for him.


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