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It was hot outside today. It was only supposed to get into the 80's, but in reality it got into the mid 90's. Ugh. Granted, it's better than the 100+ weather that I used to endure in LA, but the humidity out here makes the 90's pretty damn ugly. Couple that with the fact that temperature wise I'm a pengiun, and it makes for a very uncomfortable me.

I can't wait for fall and fall like temps. Hell, I can't wait for winter.

I'm now at ten. Two more mosquito bites have developed since my entry last night. I have ten bites. Goddamnit.

Today we headed out to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Our fishie bathmat that we have in front of the tub pretty much disintegrated in the dryer the other night. So, we went to pick up a new bath mat. When we got there (armed with an old gift card that still had fifty bucks on it) I noticed that the brand no longer existed and we couldn't find a bathmat to match our towels. We could have picked out anything and just had a mismatched bathroom. Could have but didn't. So, I decided that because our guest towels are ratty it was time to move our towels (which have only been used for a few months and are still in good shape) to the guest bathroom so that there were nice towels in there. Which, of course (at least by my odd logic), meant that we needed new towels that matched. What? I'd have had a twitch if things didn't match. I'm anal, ask my husband. Okay, that sounded really wrong. Anyway, I found some absolutely adorable zebra towels. They were inexpensive (which probably means they'll explode in the dryer) and cute. So, we now have zebra towels. I try to usually stick with Wamsutta because they last, but I guess an unheard of brand is all right when it's zebra printed. Hopefully, they'll last. Either way, they're super cute. Hooray for zebra towels!

Tonight we gamed a bit. Rob kept falling asleep in the middle of game. Not a good sign. Gabriel is still awake and we're hoping that he'll fall asleep before Rob does. I'm wide awake. I don't know how that will work out, but I'm pretty sure he'll at least be able to fall asleep before I will.


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