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Nana and Groceries
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I really like the detox foot patches I've been using. They seem to be working very well. They're not cheap, but at this point I think they're worth the money.

We headed over to spend some time with my Nana today. I asked her how she liked the place and she said it takes some getting used to. I reminded her that this is not permanent, when she's done with the rehabilitation she won't have to stay there anymore. In fact, someone spoke to my Mom on the phone and said they think when she's done with rehab that she might fare just fine in an assisted living place. She's 95 years old and apparently has more mental capacity than anyone else in there. Go Nana!

She also won a crossword puzzle contest. She does a lot of crossword puzzles and most of then are extremely difficult. This one was super easy (items in the classroom) and yet she was the only one to get all of the answers right. Woot! She won a coin that can get her some treats in a store they have there. She's opting to wait to use it for when they have doughnuts.

Unfortunately, she hasn't made any friends yet. I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing though. If she'll be heading out after rehab it would suck for her to have to leave friends behind. She's tried talking to other residents and even went into the main meal hall for a meal instead of just eating it in a room. She said most of the other residents are grumpy and anti-social. Or they keep falling asleep.

She likes the bathing facility there because it's easy to get in and out of with assistance. There are no tubs or showers in the bathroom attached to her room, there's a main bathing area. She really doesn't like the fact that they're not allowed to use hair dryers and had to air dry her hair. She also hated their shampoo.

While we were there, my Uncle Kim came by to visit. We stayed through her dinner and visited with her and talked to Kim. We headed out around 5:20pm.

My Mom made the right choice when she decided to check my Nana into The Virginia. First off, my Mom's back went out today. Big time. She needs a cane to get up and to walk. There's no way she could have taken care of my Nana with her back out like that. Second, the physical therapists there mean business. Yesterday my Nana had a double session. Two hours in the morning and two and a half hours in the afternoon. Yikes! Today she had an hour and a half. So, it looks like things are working out for the best on that front.

From there we went to thr grocery store to do some shopping. We got some necessities and picked up dinner to make for tonight and tomorrow night. Tonight we watched Big Brother and I bathed the Poopchuck. I've been working on laundry ever since we got home and it's still going even now.


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You would make a good deformed pumpkin.

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