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Bar Results
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I was very surprised when my bar results showed up in the mail today. It was mailed out yesterday. Impressive. Rob brought it in and the first thing I asked him was whether the envelope was thick or thin. I figured if I passed, it would need to have the information about the swearing in ceremony with it and would have more stuff in it. If I didn't pass, there would only need to be one piece of paper letting me know I failed. He told me it was kind of thick. A good sign. I then had him open it and look at it. I can't look at things like that first, it needs to be someone else. It took him a minute before he said anything. From the look on his face I thought I had failed. He then read the letter to me.




I have no idea how the hell I passed, but I did. Scores were even included. I rocked the Corporations and Civil Procedure essays. I bombed the Real Property essay (duh). I ended up doing better on the multiple choice than on the essays (how weird is that). I am so happy I passed. Oh, and apparently once I'm sworn in and ready to practice I can also become a permanent notary public. Sweet.

The swearing in ceremony will be on October 18. As of then, I'm officially licensed to practice law. I'll be sending out resumes and starting my job hunting this week. I know finding a job out here has been tough for Rob and was a nightmare for me in Los Angeles, so it can't hurt to start this now. Besides, my getting a job would mean we could stop paying $1200 a month for insurance that has such a high deductible that it's yet to cover any doctor visits.

The bar load is now off my shoulders. *sigh of relief* The job hunting load is now on my shoulders. *d'oh*

Later in the day we headed to see my Nana. She seems to be doing well. Her main complaint was that she rang for a nurse last night to take her to the toilet, and they did. But when she rang again for them to come and take her off the toilet and back to bed no one came for 40 minutes! I can see why she'd be steamed about this. She went to a Bingo game today and had fun, but didn't like the company. She was friendly and talked to the other two ladies at her table and one ignored her and the other turned her nose up and went "humph". Nice, eh? Apparently she's surrounded by grumpy people. Her physical therapy is intense. The other two residents that are in her group are odd. The man keeps falling asleep mid therapy and is only held up by straps connecting him to a machine so he doesn't fall down. And the other woman keeps moaning and screaming at every little thing even though she's not really in pain. It was a nice visit with my Nana and Gabriel slept the entire time. He went back and forth from being in my arms to being in Rob's arms. Every time we tried to lay him down on the bed he would wake up screaming. So, both Rob and I held him and let him sleep. Her cable is hooked up now so she has decent TV.

After the visit we made a brief run to the game store and Rob ran in to pick up the latest (and last *snifflewah*) issue of Dragon magazine. I'm starting to no longer like Wizards. I hate their idea to put the magazine online with a mandatory monthly fee and I loathe what 4th edition is looking like. Meh.

Tonight Svengoolie was yet again pre-empted by the damn Brewers. So, I got to watch a whole lot of Baby Einstein and Backyardigans. Rob bathed the Poopchuck.


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