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Nana's In The Hospital
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I got a call at 1:44am last night. Getting a call at that time is never a good thing. It always means something very bad has happened. The place where my Nana is staying called my Mom to tell her that my Nana was taken to the hospital. She called a nurse in and said that she had severe pains on the left side of her chest. The nurse gave her some pain medication and listened to her lungs. She didn't like what she heard and called an ambulance. At the hospital my Nana had a chest x-ray and a CAT scan. They found a clot in her lungs.

Our family has a blood clotting disorder. It's the exact opposite of being a bleeder. Our blood clots much too readily. My Uncle has had clots before. My doctor has put me on blood thinners at various times (including after my c-section when I was laid up in bed so I wouldn't get DVT). Luckily for me, the blood thinners have only been for super short periods of time (while you're on them you change and become a bleeder, but it's worth it to keep the clots away). Apparently, from what my OB told me, the fact that I clot too easily is one of the reasons I still have problems from the surgery. You're supposed to heal from the inside out and this made me heal from the outside in. Not a good thing. From speaking with my Mom about a few things, she probably has the same thing but hasn't been tested for it yet.

My Nana had been on blood thinners ever since she had a heart attack (which is when she originally went to live with my Mom... I think that was back in 2000). After breaking her hip the doctors made some medication changes and took her off the blood thinners. Looks like that was a huge mistake. They now have her back on blood thinners and are hoping the clot breaks up. From what I've been told, there's not much else they can do for a lung clot.

My Uncle spent most of the night and day with her. With the issues Gabriel has been having today (see below), we thought it best not to bring a screaming baby into the hospital. I'm going to try and visit her tomorrow though whether she's back at The Virginia or in the hospital.

My Mom is going to call me with updates no matter what time it is. I'll get a call if she gets better, if she gets worse, and when she's released from the hospital. So far I haven't heard anything.

Nothing can ever be easy can it? When one good thing comes along, something else comes along to drag you back down. *sigh* Such is life.

Gabriel is cutting two new teeth (I believe they're the last ones). They're the upper canines. He gets super pissy when he's cutting teeth. He spent the entire morning screaming at the top of his lungs. We have a very pissy baby at the moment.

Later on today, when Gabriel got tired, we headed to a mall. The Mayfair mall to be exact. It's one we've never been to before, but wanted to check out. It was super cool. I love Wisconsin. The Mayfair mall is a high end mall... but it has a bacon stand in the middle of the store. How cool is that? Unfortunately, we didn't even get to check out half of the mall. We got most of the first floor done and then Gabriel woke up and started screaming. He was screaming like we were torturing him. We decided it would be for the best to leave. Before he woke up I did manage to go into two stores. In one of them I bought a new purse that is professional looking and suitable for interviews and work. It will look very nice with a suit (oh no, I need to once again face the nightmare of finding suits in my size). I don't think the bright green one I carry now is work appropriate. We also went into the Godiva store and Rob bought me some chocolates as a "congrats" present for passing the bar. Mmmmm, Godiva... *drools*. He also got me one of their new Chocoelixer drinks, the dark chocolate raspberry one. Oh my god, was that good!

After we headed out of the mall with our super pissy screaming Poopchuck, we did a few errands. Rob ran into the grocery store to get more of the juice that Gabriel drinks and I ran into Babies R Us to get more diapers.

Tonight we gamed (really great game) and watched Big Brother. Gabriel is actually asleep at the moment. Here's hoping he's less pissy tomorrow, especially if we're heading to the hospital!

My Mom is going to try and come out tomorrow. She'll call us to let us know if she can. She put her back out the other day (big time - she's using a cane to get around) and is on some serious pain meds. So, she's going to see if she can drive out here and skip the pain meds in order to make the drive. I'm hoping she comes out, but if she can't I totally understand.


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