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We Have The Sticky Kid
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Just as a heads up, I won't be posting on here again until either Sunday night or sometime on Monday. I don't think I'll have internet access out at my Dad's place. If I do, I'll definitely hop on and post. But chances are it will have to wait until I get back home.

Today my Mom got her car in for it's scheduled service and hung out with my Nana. Rob, Gabriel, and I headed to the Mayfair mall. This time, we found out how to keep him calm and quiet while at the mall - give him a lollipop! More on that later.

We got a good amount done at the mall. I got some truffles at Godiva for Cheryl and some cashews at Buddy Squirrel (my Dad loved them) for my Dad. While at Buddy Squirrel I picked up a safety-pop lollipop for Gabriel. When I gave it to him he didn't want it at first, but after tasting it he loved it. I told him this was incentive to be good and he was. Though the one I got him was red and he ended up being covered in sticky stuff. You know how when you go out (usually to a mall) there's always the kid that's covered in sticky stuff? Today, that was our kid.

We also got him a Mickey Mouse ball and some footsie pyjamas at The Disney Store. At Baby Gap we found a great nice outfit for Gabriel to wear to my swearing in ceremony. It's not a suit, but I don't think they'll expect a baby to wear a suit. It's a nice pair of slacks (cords), a button up shirt (that's also a onesie), and a super cute vest. We also got some nice socks and matching shoes. Yes, pictures of him in this outfit will be taken at the ceremony and I will post them here. We had him try the outfit on at home today and show it to my Mom and she loves it.

While at the mall we found a Love Sac store. They're a place that sells super nice and cool bean bag chairs. we first saw one awhile back at Bryce and Julia's place. We're tempted to get one down the road.

After heading out of the mall, we made a stop at Best Buy. Probably next week we'll be getting that new laptop, but for now Rob has work to do and Gabriel decided it would be funny to take six keys off of the laptop and then break them so they can't go back on. So, in order to get his work done, Rob needed to buy a keyboard. We just got a cheapie one since we'll be getting the new laptop sometime soon. While there I also picked up two music CDs for Gabriel. One is songs from The Wonder Pets and the other is songs from The Backyardigans. Should make for an interesting car ride tomorrow.

On the way home we stopped off to get a pint of frozen custard from Kopp's. One of the flavors of the day today was rum and coke and that's my favorite. Yum!

Tonight we watched Big Brother and I'm very happy with who made it to the final two.


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