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Kinkos Run
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Last night was horrible. Gabriel went to bed around 8:30pm. We were somewhat worried about this and thought he would be up for the day around 5am or so. Instead, he woke up around midnight, awake and ready to go. After hours of trying to get him to sleep, Rob finally took him for a drive in the car. We all got to bed after Gabriel finally went to sleep around 4am. Needless to say, we're all tired today. Ugh.

Today we made a run to a Kinko's in Milwaukee. It was the closest one to us that had a typewriter. The form I needed to send back in to mark my place in the swearing in ceremony needed to be typed. It wasn't downloadable online, so we couldn't type it out on the computer. And there was a bunch of other stuff on the paper so it would have been impossible to try and print something over it. After calling around, we finally found one Kinko's that had a friggin' typewriter. So, we went there, typed the information on the sheet, and faxed it over to the Supreme Court. If I remember, I'll be giving them a call tomorrow to make sure that they received it.

When we got back to our neck of the woods, we made a stop off at a pool supply store to get something that Gabriel could go in and float in just in case we can use the pool this weekend when we visit my Dad and Cheryl. We also made a stop off at the grocery store and then headed back home. About an hour after we got home, my Mom got here.

Not much is going on tonight. Rob and my Mom are downstairs playing with the Poopchuck while I get some stuff done on here. I'm doing more laundry and tonight Rob will be bathing the Poopchuck.


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