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New Laptop... Or Not
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Today was going to be the day when we got a new laptop. The laptop that Rob does his work on is the one I used for law school. It's old, barely works, is slow, and thanks to the Poopchuck is missing a lot of its keys. We did a lot of research and comparison shopping and found the laptop we wanted at a price that was within our budget. We chose one of the Sony Vaios and when we got to Best Buy we found out that not only were they sold out, but they wouldn't be getting any more in because that model was discontinued. The guy there checked around for us and found another Best Buy in our area that had some in stock in red. That's fine by us, because red was our first color choice. So, they'll hold it for us until tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have a new laptop. It will mostly be used by Rob. I much prefer using desk tops. The desk top is old as well, but since the laptop is from 2001 and the desk top is from 2003, the priority for replacement goes to the laptop. Besides, the desk top seems to work all right with the occasional crashes and it still has all of its keys.

Our trip to Best Buy wasn't a total loss however. We did manage to find the new DVD of the Backyardigans (Super Secret Super Spy) and of the Wonder Pets (Save the Unicorn). So, at least the Poopchuck got something out of it.

On the drive home, I saw the weirdest thing and wished I had a camera on me (though I don't think we could have stopped for me to snap a shot). There was a crumpled up road sign that looked as if a car had run into it. It was a One Way sign with an arrow on it. It was on the grass in front of a cemetary with the arrow pointing at the cemetary. Weirdness.

Tonight we did a bit of gaming and watched America's Next Top Model and Kitchen Nightmares (I'll admit it, I'll watch pretty much anythhing if it has Gordon Ramsay in it). I also did up the sheets and all of the baby laundry.


My score on The Muppet Personality Test:

Fozzie Bear!
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Read/Post Comments (2)

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