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Nothing Like It Was Supposed To Be
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Today was absolutely nothing like it was supposed to be. Our shopping trip didn't work out, dinner didn't work out, and even our plans for this evening didn't work out. What should have been a fun and relaxing day, blew. Oh, and Gabriel has been screaming non-stop.

While getting ready today I got to watch bits and pieces of Svengoolie. The movie was Revenge of the Creature and I really wish I could have just sat down and watched the whole thing.

So, we went out on some shopping errands today. We made a stop by the Halloween store and I picked up a skull topped staff and some Halloween make up. Since my fat ass apparently can't fit into a real costume, I'm thinking I'll just put on a black dress, use the staff, and go as a necromancer. That is, unless a better option pops up. I checked out the website that Kat linked me to, but they have nothing in my size.

From there we made a stop at the LoveSac store. We had wanted to pick up the footrest and head pillow that goes with our Sac to make things even more comfy, but they're completely sold out of both items. *sigh* So much for that.

We then went to Best Buy so that Rob could pick up a memory card to transfer work stuff from the old laptop to the new one.

We had wanted to get a small ham for dinner (like from Honeybaked or the like), but Honeybaked was closed and our local grocery stores don't sell ham on Sundays (what the hell is up with that). So, we grabbed some take out and instead of ham for dinner, I ended up with tomato soup and flatbread. Joy.

When we got home tonight we were going to game. After the last game, I was really looking forward to this one. Well, barely anything happened and I spent the last few hours bored and watching Gabriel's shows. Not much in the way of gaming happened. However, my brain is about to melt out of my head from watching nothing but kids shows all night long.

So, yeah, I'm not in the best of moods right now and today pretty much blew.


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