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Today was a much more productive day, however that's probably because I wasn't looking for clothes for myself. I'm telling you... I'm getting this close to just saying fuck it and getting gastric bypass surgery.

We headed to the Mayfair mall today because Rob's beard trimmer finally died for good the other day. Many years back I had gotten him a cool trimmer from The Sharper Image and he decided he wanted to get the same thing. The closest Sharper Image is at the Mayfair mall. We lucked out and Gabriel fell asleep in the car on the way there and stayed asleep all the way until just before we got home.

At the mall we only had a few stops to make. The first was at The Sharper Image where Rob did indeed find the beard trimmer that he wanted. The second stop was at the LoveSac store. We had been toying with the idea of getting one ever since we saw Bryce and Julia's in LA. We finally decided to get one. We ended up getting the MovieSac with a brown microsuede cover. On the way out of the mall we stopped off at a bacon stand and grabbed some bacon to cook up one of these days.

When we headed out of the mall, we called the LoveSac store because we needed to pick our Sac up at the loading docks. They had given us directions and we drove under the mall to get our Sac and load it into the car.

From there I made a run into a local Walgreens for a few items I needed. We then picked up dinner from the Olive Garden and headed home.

I'm not happy with the re-scheduling that WMLW has done to Svengoolie. It used to be on Saturdays at 7pm (when it wasn't pre-empted by the Brewers). They decided to move it to Sundays at 2pm! Who the hell is home and has the time to watch a two hour movie Sunday afternoon??? Grr.

Not much happened tonight. We took our MovieSac out of its bag, opened it up, fluffed the crap out of it, and put the cover on. Oh my god is that thing comfy. We spent the evening chilling out with the Poopchuck and Rob gave him a bath.


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