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Disappointing Shopping Trip
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So, today sucked and took all the fun out of shopping. And for those of you who know just how much I love shopping, that's saying a lot.

We made a post office run to mail out our rent check and then headed to a local Halloween store that recently opened up for the season. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I absolutely love dressing up for it. Looks like this year I won't be able to. I've been looking around online for a Halloween costume and haven't found a single one in my size. The "plus size" costumes seem to think the maximum a "plus size" should be is a size 20. So, I decided to check out the Halloween store and found absolutely nothing. They didn't have a single costume that would fit my fat ass. I guess us fat folk just aren't supposed to get dressed up for Halloween.

After the disappointment at the Halloween store, we headed to the Brookfield mall. I went to the Lane Bryant there to try and find some suits for the swearing in ceremony, job interviews, and eventually work. There wasn't a thing there. I kid you not, they didn't have a single suit in stock that was appropriate. The only two they had in was a purple plaid one and a dark denim one, neither of which is appropriate for an attorney. *sigh* Apparently, us fat folk also aren't supposed to be in jobs that require professional suits.

The only things I was able to pick up today were from Bath and Body Works and Old Navy. I got some body wash and body lotion at Bath and Body Works and at Old Navy I found some pyjamas for Gabriel in his next size (2T) and a great winter coat for him as well.

After the disappointment at the Halloween store and Lane Bryant, I decided to call it quits for the day. I wasn't in the mood to do any more shopping or looking around. So, we headed on home.

Nothing that interested us was on TV tonight and so we did a decent amount of gaming and played with the Poopchuck. I also got all of our clothing laundry done.


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