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The Universe Is Taking A Large Dump
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Worried about my Mom and Nana.

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This is un-fucking believable. I swear that the universe is taking a big ass dump on myself and those I care about. It's not even funny.

My Mom is not doing well at all. The doctor refuses to tell her what was wrong with her heart on the EKG until this whole back/neck/shoulder thing is over and done with. And the whole back/neck/shoulder thing is getting insane. Her x-rays came back and she found out that the bones in her lower back, her neck, and her shoulder are disintegrating. Hence why she's in extreme pain. She's getting an MRI next week and they'll go from there to see what needs to be done.

My Nana had a recent blood clot in her lung that she was sent to the hospital for. Shortly thereafter, she complained that she still had pains and it was difficult for her to breathe, so they put her on oxygen and took chest x-rays. Those came back and she has pnemonia. She's 95 years old and for someone of her age pnemonia can be a very bad thing.

My father in law put his back out a few months ago and recently found out that physical therapy won't be able to help him. The only thing that will is surgery. He's going in for surgery next week.

Yesterday, I blew my knee out. Both of my knees are fucked up genetically and I've known for quite some time that they will both require surgery. Many people on my Mom's side have knee problems. To top that off I fractured my right knee cap back in the late 90's and I tore right through the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that hold the knee together back in college. My knee cap popped out yesterday and I put it back into place myself. I know how to and I'm used to doing it. But, today the pain was worse and it hurt to walk on. I also screamed out in pain when doing things like going to the toilet or standing up. So, I took my Mom and Rob's advice, put my pride away, and got a cane today. More on that later.

So yeah, the universe seems to be taking a dump on my family and me. Not to mention some of the hardships that my friends or parents of my friends are going through as well.

So, today I looked at the final store possible within a decent driving distance for a suit. It was another Avenue in the ghetto and they also had nothing. Looks like I have to order online and pray that their pants and jackets run true to size. I'm usually a 28, but there are times when my pants run smaller and my tops run larger (for those of you who have never seen me, I have gianormous boobies). I have two weeks to get those suits delivered, make sure they fit, and then take them to a tailor because they're average length and I'm a petite. I have no idea if it will be done in time.

Oh, and my new diet of Slim Fast shakes had me gain a pound and a half in a day. Apparently I can even gain weight on about 400 calories a day.

After the worthless suit trip, we stopped off at a pharmacy for me to pick up a cane. My pride tells me to deal with the pain and not look like a crippled old fat chick, but my common sense won out this time and told me that in order for my knee to get better I needed to swallow my pride and get a cane. And so I did. The pharmacist even sized it to me. While I hate having to use a cane, at least it's cute. It's a tourist style cane (looks like a candy cane with the half loop at the top) and has a horse head on it. At least it's not a suck cane.

Tonight we gamed and let Gabriel choose what he wanted to watch because there was nothing we wanted to see on TV. I also got some laundry done.


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