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Just Some Errands
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Just as a heads up, we have weirdness happening with our phone. Normally when someone calls our anwering machine picks up. No big. However, apparently if call waiting goes off and we can't switch over to answer the phone, the call goes to some weird voice mail box. I think it comes with our phone plan, but we have no idea how to access it and don't plan on doing so anytime in the near future. So, if you call and get the regular machine, definitely leave a message. If you call and get some weird voice mail thing, don't bother with the message, we don't know how to check them. That just means one of us is on the other line on a call we can't switch over from. Because two people have recently dealt with the mysterious voice mail from beyond, I thought I'd post that up here.

Last night I went online and ordered some suits and some suit appropriate shoes. We'll see if any of it fits. *sigh* If it doesn't, I'm pretty screwed.

Today was an errand run day. We went to the bank. We went to the post office to mail out bills. We went to the drug store for me to pick up my monthly prescriptions. And as a side trip we made a stop off at the game store for this month's D&D book and I also got the new giant white dragon mini. Sweet.

Tonight we watched the premiere of Moonlight. I had assumed it would be a shoddy Forever Knight rip-off and I assumed wrong. It was a lot better than I thought it would be and is probably something I'll watch again. After the show, I gave the Poopchuck his bath. I also got the towels and some of Gabriel's stuffies washed up.


What Jones Soda Are You?

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