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And The World Keeps Crumbling
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Last night when Gabriel and I were playing, my knee got whacked and made things even worse. I'm also having a very bad time with my monthly girlie stuff. That, combined with it being hard for me to get on and off the toilet with my knee being out does not make for a happy Jen.

My Mom is still in severe pain, but at least she was able to get someone to come over and clean her house a bit for her and do some laundry. My Nana is now on a hand held nebulizer for the pnemonia.

And the world keeps crumbling...

Anyway, today I was feeling weak, dizzy, and generally under the weather from my monthly girlie stuff being like when the elevator doors opened in The Shining. I didn't feel like doing anything that wasn't necessary and would have liked to spent the day around the house doing nothing. But alas, we needed a grocery store run.

Do you have any idea how weird and somewhat embarassing it is to be hobbling around in public on a cane? I didn't think much of it at first until I started getting the weird looks from people because of it.

So yeah, we did the grocery shopping and I got to hobble around the store on a cane. Joy. During our shop we found a stuffed Beanie Baby Uniqua sitting on the shelf with some of the toddler foods. Gabriel beamed when we saw it and we told him we would get it for him if he was a good boy at the store. He was and now he has a Uniqua to add to his stuffie collection. He also has Pablo and Tyrone. Now we just need to find Austin and Tasha and we'll be all set.

Note to Rob: Austin is a kangaroo, not a dingo.

Tonight we gamed and played with the Poopchuck.


Your Unique Costume is a Rasta Mon
Where's da party mon?

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