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Tomorrow is Eleanor's memorial service. This is not going to be easy for me and I know it. I know I'm going to break down a lot and spend a good amount of time crying. And while I know it's healthy to get it out, I'm worried about having my Dad see me cry. He doesn't cry and so it makes me super uncomfortable to cry in front of him. Thank god my Mom is coming into town tomorrow for the memorial service.

I'm uncomfortable crying in front of anyone. But it freaks me out to know I'll probably cry in front of my Dad.

My Dad found the Capricorn and Taurus needlepoints and gave them to my Aunt Mitzi. So, I need to talk to her and she if she's willing to let me have them. I just want some sort of keepsake and I remember those so vividly from her old house.

It's predicted to storm rather badly tomorrow. Really bad rain and winds. Fits in perfectly with my mood.

Not much happened around here today. We spent the day in and ventured out for dinner. We watched America's Next Top Model and Kitchen Nightmares. We gamed. I washed up the sheets and the baby laundry.


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