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Mama Made Me
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Something I forgot to mention in my previous entries. Gabriel is a little imp. When my Mom was here, Gabriel found a way to get his milk out of his straw cup and when she told him to stop doing that he threw it behind the sofa. She told him he couldn't do that and he said "Mama made me". She and I both told him that I didn't make him do it. So, the little imp is now blaming me when he gets in trouble. Great.

Not super much is going on around here. I'm generally not in the mood to go out and do things. I know that will have to change when we need to run errands this week, but for now I just don't want to do anything I don't have to.

I have bouts of being all right and bouts of breaking down.

So, remember how I mentioned that the other day we came home to having no hot water and then suddenly we did have hot water, but it was scalding? Well, today we have no hot water again. This is a huge deal because both Rob and I take daily showers and we have a baby to bathe. We also need to do things like the dishes and laundry. Ugh. I really hope the guy comes through and gets here tomorrow to get us a new water heater and that our building owners okay it. We desperately need one.

This afternoon I watched Svengoolie (House of Dracula) and we only went out for foodage and a quick stop at Ulta. Tonight we gamed.


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