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I Shouldn't Have Asked
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I shouldn't have asked on yesterday's journal entry what would go wrong next. Because something did. In the middle of the night one of our fire alarms decided the battery was getting too low, and so it kept going off. Ugh. I barely got any sleep and am exhausted right now.

Today was non-stop. I got up early and our manager called to let us know that no one would be coming by today to check on our washing machine. Probably tomorrow. Problem is, we're heading out to my Mom's tomorrow. I really hope they're in and out quickly so we can get the hell out of here. Though I do have some errands (like picking up a suit and my halloween costume) from the alteration place to do before we leave.

We ran out to Wal*Mart for some laundry supplies that we would need at the laundromat and some other various items. We then went to the drug store and I picked up my prescriptions. We then went store to store looking for cat litter, but every place was sold out of the crystal type. Finally, we found some though it's a different brand.

We then came home and packed up all of our laundry that needed to be washed today. There was a lot of it. My clothes, Rob's clothes, Gabriel's sheets, Gabriel's towels, Gabriel's clothes, Gabriel's new clothes, etc. All in all we ended up having six loads to do.

We made a stop at the bank on our way to the laundromat to grab a few rolls of quarters. It's a good thing we got two rolls because the whole thing cost us around twenty bucks.

So, we went to the laundromat and did our laundry. Gabriel ran around like a mad man and kept trying to sneak up on someone else there. When another family came in with a little girl, he kept bouncing up to the little girl and chasing her all over the place. From seeing this little girl (who is a month younger than Gabriel) we realized two things. One, Gabriel is a spaz... way more spaztic than other kids around his age. Two, Gabriel is really short. This girl was probably a good four inches taller than he was.

After the laundromat we came home and put all the laundry away. We also changed out all the batteries in all of our smoke detectors so we don't have last night's problem again. Then we ran out for foodage and came back home for the night.

Tonight we did a teeny amount of gaming and watched America's Next Top Model. I bathed the Poopchuck.


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