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Whirlwind Day
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Things are just not going well for me today. This is the second time I've had to type this entry up. The first time it didn't go through. It probably doesn't help that I'm currently using an ancient laptop and on dial up.

This morning around 10:30am the washing machine repair guy came. He looked things over and said that the pressure hose had burst. He replaced it and said that it should work again. Hopefully, it will.

After he left we headed out on errands. We went to the bank and the post office and then headed to the tailor's to pick up my alterations. I also brought two more suits with me to be altered. When I got there, the two items I had brought in there two weeks ago (a suit and my Halloween costume) were not ready. I told her that the suit could wait another two weeks and I could pick that up with the two new ones I brought in. However, I was headed out of town and I needed the costume. She worked on it while I was there and I was able to leave with it.

We headed back home and worked on packing and getting the cat's things ready. Extra food and water, extra litter box, etc.

As we left the apartment for my Mom's place, I had this nagging feeling that I had left something major behind. I couldn't think what it would be though.

The drive out wasn't all that bad. There wasn't a lot of traffic, but for about a third of the drive we were stuck behind someone who thought that it was a good idea to go about 20 mph in a 55 zone. But, we made it here safe and sound. The only thing that sucked about the drive was that I was driving from between 3:15 to about 7pm. Headed west. Which meant that I was driving almost the entire way into the setting sun. My head hurts from staring into the sun for so long.

When we got here and started unpacking I suddenly realized the critical item I had forgotten. The design for a tattoo that I wanted to get tomorrow. Rob and I had been working our butts off to have it ready and made printouts in different sizes last night and today before we left, but the folder that it was in was left somewhere at home. I just about had a breakdown. Normally, this wouldn't be such a big deal, but tomorrow is my birthday and this was the ONE thing I wanted. That's it. And it was left at home.

So, yeah, we're here at my Mom's place and while it's nice to be here, Murphy's Law seems to be kicking my butt. Can't I just have one good day for once? If it's not one thing going wrong, it's another. *sigh*


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