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Back At Mom's
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We spent the morning getting ready to head out. Around 12:30pm we headed out of our place and got on the road to my Mom's. The drive out here was nice and uneventful. We made a pit stop at a McDonald's for lunch and to get Gabriel some nuggets and a juice box.

We got to my Mom's place around 4pm. We unpacked and chilled out for a bit and then the four of us headed back out. We made a stop at Wal*Mart because Gabriel needed some new binkies and Rob needed some pants for his costume (he forgot them at home). We then headed into Dubuque and went to dinner at House of China. Kevin's (the owner) sister opened up a nearby shop and we checked that out and got some really cool things. We picked up a framed koi picture, some Chinese hangings (fish and bat), and I got some stress relief balls. I love the shop, it's like the kind of place we used to check out back in LA when we made Chinatown runs. From there I made a run into Border's to see if they had any pluffies that Gabriel didn't already have. I was able to get him a unicorn. On the way back to my Mom's place we got dessert at Culver's and now we're back here for the night.

So, we're having a bit of a problem with a company. Rob ordered me two cartouche necklaces for my birthday (they both say Gabriel). One was silver and the other gold. Awhile back we received the shipping notice and were told that both were shipped out. We received the package yesterday and only the silver one was in there. The gold one wasn't in there, the website says it was in the shipment (though the customs form says there was only one item in there), and Rob was charged for both. So, we've been trying to contact them both by e-mail and by telephone (no one ever answers and we keep leaving messages) and no one is contacting us back. We're giving them a week before we bring up the possibility of legal action. The silver one is great and I wore it today, but we'd like the gold one as well since Rob paid for it and it was for my birthday. And people wonder why I hate using the internet for purchases.


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