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Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I've done some pretty cool things for it. I've spent it in Hollywood, I've gone (several times) to see The Nightmare Before Christmas at the El Capitan, I've gone to a play version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and I've even gone to a silent movie theatre to see The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. But, even after having some super cool Halloween's, I have to say that none of those even hold a candle to going trick or treating with my son.

Earlier today Rob headed to the library to get some work done. A few hours later my Mom, Gabriel, and I were bored and decided that we were going to head to the mall in Dubuque. We drove into Galena first to stop off at the library and let Rob know, but he had just finished up and was ready for us to pick him up. So, we all ended up going to the mall.

While there's not a lot great at that mall, we did get some cute things for Gabriel at the Baby Gap. We then headed back to my Mom's place to get dressed and ready for trick or treating. It was from 5:30 to 7:30pm tonight.

Rob, Gabriel, and I were all in our costumes. Gabriel had his octopus costume on and a pumpkin binky. I got a lot of compliments from kids on the bat perched on my shoulder. Gabriel got a lot of compliments from adults on his costume and his binky. We was held for awhile, walked for awhile, and in the stroller for the rest of it. We got a lot of comments that people thought it was nice that Gabriel and his parents were dressed up, most of the parents were in regular clothes.

At one point we saw a guy in a frog costume lurking around a park and waving at kids. My Mom said he's around in trick or treating areas every Halloween. Rob wondered if he was an undercover cop. I sure hope so because otherwise that's somewhat creepy.

At one point a guy giving out candy with a pumpkin head freaked Gabriel (and a lot of other kids) out.

After trick or treating in one area we hopped in the car and checked out another area. We were able to get in a few houses there and then stopped because Rob's back started hurting. In that area we saw someone walking around (with no kids and no trick or treating bag) in a complete Michael Meyers outfit. That was creepy.

After trick or treating, we tried to find a place to get some dinner. Our first choice (a new burger joint in town) was closed. So, we tried the Mexican restaurant and there was a long wait. So, we tried a place called Gobbies and the waitress there was rude and said "we're not kid friendly" even though Gabriel was fast asleep in his stroller. My Mom is friends with the owner and will be telling him about this. We ended up eating at The Log Cabin and that turned out to be a good choice. Dinner was great and Gabriel slept the entire time.

After dinner we came home, took some pictures of Gabriel, Rob, and myself in costume, and now I'm online and the TV is on.


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