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Lost Phone
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A little bit frazzled and a lot bit relieved.

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A note to Lisa, my Mom, and any other reader who is not a Bush fan. Go to the main page of my journal, and scroll down. Every time I change the color and/or the dragon, I also change the picture there. The new one is probably something you'll like.

So, I got up at 8am this morning to head to a doctor appointment with my Mom over in Dubuque. Rob stayed home with the Poopchuck. My Mom had an appointment to get her x-rays looked at and get a cortisone shot in her bad shoulder. I was there in case she needed someone to drive her home. The last time she got a cortisone shot she went numb in that area and I would rather be there and have her not need me than not be there and have her need me.

The appointment went all right. My Mom's neck is in really bad shape and so she's going to be in physical therapy for it. Her shoulder is having problems because of arthritis and that's where she got the shot. She said it hurt like hell for a few seconds. Luckily, she didn't go numb and was able to drive back. Still, it was nice being there in case she would have needed me.

When we got home the house was quiet. I thought that Rob and Gabriel were still sleeping, but they weren't in the bedroom. I looked out the window and saw them out on the golf course. I let them know that we were back and they came in and we chilled out around the house for awhile.

Later on, we headed out into the main town of Galena. We walked the entire town. It's been awhile since we've done that, and it was super fun. It was a really nice day out for it as well. I got Gabriel some blocks and a Pluffie soccer ball at a toy store and both Rob and I picked up some popcorn at a local popcorn shop. My Mom and I got a Frank Sinatra poster thing for my Dad. In one of the stores I found a teddy bear that I've always wanted (it's by Steiff and called Petsy), but it was a bit too expensive to blow the money on, so I didn't get it.

When we were done walking around we headed into the Paradise for some root beers and a bathroom run. When it was time for dinner we were planning on checking out a new burger joint, but Gabriel was super fussy and wouldn't stop screaming so we thought it best to get some pizza and eat at home. We stopped in and ordered the pizzas and got some other things done while they were being made.

We picked up nuggets for Gabriel at McDonalds and then got some custard to share with Gabriel at Culver's. We then stopped off to pick up the pizzas and headed back home.

When we got home, Rob noticed his cell phone was missing. We looked all around the house and in the car and couldn't find it. We called it, but it was going straight to voice mail, so we decided to wait and see if we could hear it at 8pm when my pill alarm went off. In the meanwhile we had dinner (the pizza was great), I took a bath, and we bathed the Poopchuck. When 8pm rolled around, there was no alarm to be heard. Not in the house and not in the car.

My Mom and I decided to make a run out to see if we could find it. Rob called the pizza place and they didn't have it. We headed to the area where we parked by the pizza place and it wasn't anywhere there. We also asked in some local business if they had it and no one had turned anything in. On the way home my Mom remembered that he had gotten out of the car before the pizza place... to re-binky him at Culver's. So, we turned around and went there to check the parking lot.

When we got there I opened the door and got out with the flashlight. I immediatly heard my pill alarm... still going off. I ran over and was able to find it. It was filthy and the outside protective case was cracked, but the phone itself was fine and still worked. Looks like we lucked out not only in finding it, but also in that all Rob will need to replace is the protective clear case we had on it. Back when we bought our phones, we were warned that the RAZR's were fragile and could easily break when dropped, so we each got a hard clear case for them just in case they got dropped. We're so lucky his had it on. On the way back to my Mom's place I called Rob to let him know we had the phone. Yay!

Now we're back at home and I'm getting some things done on my Mom's computer while the TV is on. Tomorrow we're heading back home. *snifflewah*


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