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Home Again
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I'm back at home, though that isn't necessarily a good thing. I miss my Mom and I think Gabriel does as well. I'm also having some severe asthma and allergy problems. When we came into the apartment my allergies started acting up. Then my throat started closing up and my asthma kicked in. When my rescue inhaler did nothing, we opened the windows and that helped. Tomorrow we're vacuuming the shit out of this place and we're also going to see if there's any mold around the washer and dryer from when the machine leaked everywhere. I'm guessing either dust or mold is the culprit. Hopefully we'll find it tomorrow because I kind of like being able to breathe.

This morning we got some sleep and then got packed and ready to head out of my Mom's place. When Rob was packing up the car, Gabriel took my Mom's hand and led her to the garage door. I think he wanted to bring her with us. I'm right there with him and hope she comes out to visit soon. I'd also like to get out there one more time before our trip to New York so that I can finally get in a much needed dental appointment. I'd like that done before travelling across the country. That way I don't have to worry about tooth problems while I'm there.

We headed out around 1pm and got home around 4:30pm. Not bad considering that we stopped for lunch, for me to check out a store along the way, and made a rest stop for potties and a baby diaper change.

When we got home we unpacked, went through the mail, played with the cat, and ordered in some foodage. Tonight we watched Moonlight and gamed. I also did up some laundry.

I miss being at my Mom's place. I wish I was still there.


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