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Just Some Errands
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Today was mostly just getting things done now that we're back at home. We spent a lot of the day around the house. Everything is vacuumed and sprayed with Febreeze for allergies. So far, so good. No more breathing problems today. I'm hoping it was the dust. But even so, we really should make sure that nothing is growing under the washer or dryer.

Once we headed out it was already late afternoon. We stopped at the bank and then did some grocery shopping. We stopped back at home to unload the groceries and then headed back out again.

We stopped off at the game store to pick up the latest D&D Books (Rules Compendium, The Dungeon Survival Guide, and Dragons of Eberron), some new minis (there's a nightmare in there that I need to get), and the new "Inn Fighting" game. We also stopped off at the AT&T store so that Rob could get a new protective cover for his phone. He got the last one they had in stock. We grabbed dinner and then headed back home for the night.

Tonight we watched my old VHS copy of The Last Unicorn. Rob had never seen it before and Gabriel seemed to like it very much. I got some laundry done and Rob gave Gabriel his bath.

Don't forget to change your clocks back one hour tonight!


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