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Camry Appointment
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Ugh, I'm getting sick. Today my nose was all stuffed up, I had multiple sneezing fits (one of them being a half hour long), and I generally feel ooky. I know it's not allergies (at least not all of it) because I don't have other allergy symptoms and I'm on a daily allergy med. Granted, there are times when even my allergy pill can't handle things, but usually it's not around this season. I hate being sick. I'm stocking my body up on immunity boosters and hopefully I'll get rid of this thing before it gets bad.

Today Rob needed to get his Camry in for its 35k service. Gabriel and I followed him to the Toyota dealer in my car so that we could head off after he dropped his car off. Once his car was there, we all headed to the Brookfield mall.

The main reason I wanted to go to the mall was because I needed some sweaters. I'm a t-shirt kind of girl, but when the weather gets cold I'm going to need some long sleeve items. I checked out Lane Bryant and while they did have some nice ones, I hate the length their tops come to. I don't mind having a t-shirt come just below my waist, but dammit I want a sweater to come down to my upper or mid thigh. I then remembered that the only sweaters I own are from Avenue. So, I'll check out Avenue in a few days and see if they have any I like in stock. If not, there's always Lane Bryant again.

The trip to the mall wasn't a total loss though. Gabriel did end up with some nice things. He now has a new polar bear Pluffie and we got him a Christmas Pluffie doggie. The polar bear we gave to him today, the Christmas doggie he'll be getting as one of his Christmas presents.

We also made a stop into Baby Gap and got Gabriel a few more long sleeved shirts. Some are onesies and some are shirts, but they're all super cute. I think I can safely say his cold weather wardrobe is now done. Until he hits the next size anyway.

After the mall I drove Rob back to the Toyota dealer so that he could pick up his car. He did so and we were less than thrilled to find out that his front brakes are down by 80% and need to be replaced soonish. *sigh*

Tonight we watched Heroes and I bathed the Poopchuck. During dinner I started getting disgusted by the chicken I was eating, I think that means it's time to go veggie again for a little bit.


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