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Sick Baby
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I'm still sick and I slept like a log this morning. Rob was great and watched Gabriel so I could sleep in. Not a bad idea if I want to get this bug to get out of my system as fast as possible. I'm still loading up on immunity things and also eating healthy (veggie stir fry for dinner tonight). I want this to get out of my system as soon as possible.

We had planned on visiting my Nana today, but heading to a nursing home while sick is a really bad idea. Yet another reason to shake this thing fast. As soon as I'm feeling better I'll be stopping by there.

Today I went over to the tailor's shop to pick up my three suits that she had been working on. I think I pay as much for my alterations as I do for the suits themselves. I took a faux fur coat over there to see if she could hem it up (it drags on the ground), but she doesn't work on furs (even faux). I'll need to find another place to get that done. Because I brought the coat I didn't have any suits with me at the time so I'll need to take any other suits back over to her at a later date.

Tonight we watched House, did some gaming, and I got some laundry done.

Also tonight, Gabriel was sick as well. He was coughing a lot and kept putting his finger in his mouth. We thought he had something in his mouth that he shouldn't have in there, but couldn't find anything. He kept doing this and started to make himself throw up. I guess he knew that he needed to throw up to feel better. He started vomiting a lot and threw up some huge mucus globs. Mucus was coming out as his only vomit and was coming out of his nose as well. We held him on his tummy (when he tried to go on his back he started choking on it) and told him to just let it out. We could clean anything up. Once he was done he just sat with us and watched some TV. A little while later he cuddled me for a bit and then he was up and bouncing around like his usual self. He seems fine now. I think he just needed to get the mucus out of his system. I don't know if he has the cold I have or what. We're going to call the pediatrician tomorrow just to be on the safe side.


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