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I'm still under the weather. Gabriel seems to have a very minor cold. He was much better after the bout of throwing up last night and has been in good spirits since. The only sign of him having the bug is an occasional runny nose.

Today we went all over the place. Our first stop was at Eleanor and Harold's grave. There is now a small patch of dirt where there was grass before, so it looks like her urn has been put in the ground next to her husband. The date still hasn't been put on the headstone and the stone still has branches all around it. I can trim the branches down the road, but I'll need to talk to my Dad or Aunt to find out if anyone is doing anything about putting the year of her death on the stone. If not, I'll look into it.

From there we headed to an Avenue store. The drive there was quite nostalgic and brought back a lot of memories. For the most part, we took the same route that Eleanor and I used to take when I was a kid and she was taking me to the shopping mall in Hales Corners. I wonder if that mall still exists. There were some sights that I remember being there all those years go and also a lot of new residential development. I thought about being in her car and driving that route with her. It was nice.

I went to Avenue to pick up some sweaters. I don't have a lot of cold weather clothing and so I thought it might be a good idea to get that part of my wardrobe set. I found some super cozy and warm ones and picked up a few different colors of the same style. I love the fit and I love the length. So, that trip was a success.

We then headed back to our area and made a stop at the drug store for me to pick up my daily asthma inhaler prescription. After that we stopped at a Lands End store to pick up a Primaloft throw (navy blue) that we can use as a blanket on Gabriel's bed. His room is over the garage and seems to be much colder than the rest of the house. Last night he was cold, and so we now have something to keep him nice and toasty. Plus, since it's a throw, it's larger than a crib blanket and we can tuck it in all around. We'll go back to using his quilt when the weather gets warmer again. We then grabbed some dinner from a local Chinese restaurant and headed back home.

Tonight we watched America's Next Top Model and Kitchen Nightmares. Wow, the restaurant featured on Kitchen Nightmares was a restaurant on Riverside in Burbank. It's one that Rob and I had contemplated checking out back when we lived out there. After seeing the show, I'm really glad that we never got around to eating there! I got some laundry done and Rob bathed the Poopchuck.


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