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Today I headed over with Rob to his job interview. It was only supposed to last an hour, so we thought it would be best if Gabriel and I went along with him and waited in the car. That way, we could head out on errands right after he was done. If Gabriel was asleep, I'd just play with my hand held Yahtzee game and if he was awake I was going to head to a park down the street to play with him for a bit.

We got there about twenty minutes early, so Rob headed in early. Luckily, Gabriel was sleeping. So, I just waited in the car and played Yahtzee. And waited... And waited... The interview went over time by about a half hour and because of getting there early I waited in the car for around two hours. Gabriel woke up around the time Rob was supposed to come out, so we waited and didn't head to the park. I then had to pee. When I was at the point of leaving to head home to pee (I was going to come back after) because otherwise I'd end up wetting myself, Rob finally came out. On the way home he decided to take a route we didn't know which took even longer. I'm damn lucky I was able to hold the pee until I ran inside to use the bathroom.

We were running way behind on time, so we scrapped most of the errands for today and only did what was absolutely necessary. That was the grocery store (we were completely out of juice for Gabriel). So, we did a store run and then came back home. The other errands can be done tomorrow or some other time.

Tonight I did up some laundry and we gamed. Tomorrow we're going to try and make a run over to our local zoo.


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Read/Post Comments (2)

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