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No Zoo
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We didn't end up going to the zoo today. When we got up, it was 38 outside with a wind chill of 31. The high today was supposed to be in the low 40's. While I don't mind cold temps, we weren't too sure of having Gabriel out in that weather. Especially since both Gabriel and I are getting over a cold. So, we're going to see if there's a nice enough day sometime next week. We'd really like to go before winter kicks into full gear.

Today we ended up doing some of the errands that we weren't able to get done today. We made a Babies R Us run for a bunch of stuff (new binkies, baby shampoo, diapers, diaper wipes, etc.) and went to a pet food store to pick up some more food for Sydney. We also made a run to EB Games to pick up a carrying case for a Nintendo DS. I've been seeing all those ads for "Brain Age" and thought it looked cool. Normally I'm not a big fan of video games, but the kind that help your brain function better sounds cool to me. Besides, there's also Pokemon. So, the other day I got a pink DS and a few games for it from Amazon. I wanted a case that I could carry the system and a few games in and I found one.

Tonight we watched Moonlight and I gave the Poopchuck a bath.


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