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Speeding Ticket
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This morning we got ready and then hit the road to head to my Mom's place for the weekend. Unfortunately, the drive here was not uneventful.

One of the roads we take is highway 20. It's 55 most of the way, with lower speeds around towns. One such town is Elizabeth. The sign that lowered the speed to 30 used to be right after a curve when you enter town. They moved it to further outside of town, so now that curve is 30. Neither Rob nor I saw the new sign. So, going around the curve we were doing 53. There was a cop waiting in that area trying to catch people who missed the new sign. He got us. So, Rob now has a ticket for doing 53 in a 30 zone. We thought it was still 55, but that didn't matter. The ticket itself is for $95 and is due before his new job starts. Ouch. The worst part is that his current driver's license is probationary. He had only been licensed in California for a short while before we made the move out to Wisconsin, so Wisconsin put him on a probationary license. Our biggest concern is that he doesn't get his license revoked for this one mistake. Talk about a way to make the day suck.

When we got to my Mom's place and told her about the ticket, she immediatly knew where we got it. Rob called the Wisconsin DMV and was told that this violation would be 6 points. We don't know how many a Wisconsin driver's license has. One person when he got his license said that probationary means that violation points are doubled, the person on the phone today said she thought the first violation was normal points, but that any ones after that are double. I hope she's right. We really can't have Rob lose his license, especially when he's going to need to start driving to and from work soon. There's no public transportation in our area. The woman also told him if he did driving school that it should give 3 points back, but wouldn't wipe the entire thing off. Ugh. I really hope our insurance rates don't change and I also hope he doesn't lose his license.

The thing that sucks the most, was that this was undeserved. It wasn't like he was knowingly speeding. In fact, he was going 53 when he thought the limit was 55.

Tonight we stayed in my Mom's place and she ran out and brought in sandwiches from a local bar for dinner.


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