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Snowed In
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Late last night and all day today it's been snowing. Or should I say "schnaeing". Oh yeah, there's so much snow it's become schnae! Anyway, we got a blizzard here today. Probably around 6-8 inches. The flakes that were falling were the size of large feathers. It was gorgeous, but no one came to plow our street until early this evening. Part of our drive is plowed, but there's still snow in front of our garage. It's not safe to head out (and I don't know if we could drive over the snow that's piled up in front of our garage) and we didn't need to do anything important today, so we just stayed in all day.

That being said, we lucked out with only having snow. We were at the upper part of the storm, the main part raged below us and anything below Milwaukee got an ice or an ice and snow storm. My Mom's area was hit hard by an ice storm. She can't get her car out of the garage (and thus had to cancel her physical therapy appointment) and the plows can't even move the snow out of the way because it's mostly ice! The roads in her area are death traps and she said that a lot of people are without power. Luckily, the area where she lives has underground power wires. Smart! She's upset because her DirectTv dish froze over and she's without television. No TV and trapped in the house.

We spent the day getting some things done around the house. Nothing super productive like cleaning or unpacking the last of the boxes, but still things we wanted to get done.

We spent a good part of the day wrapping up presents. We're pretty much set for Gabriel and there's just a few more things I want to get for my Mom and Rob when we head to the mall. What we have so far is now wrapped and under the tree. I don't know how long it will stay that way though considering that Gabriel had a penchant for throwing things (like his sippy cup) at and under the tree. *sigh*

We also worked on writing up a cohort (copper dragon warlock) for my current D&D character. From what Rob said, he'll be introduced in tomorrow night's game.

My baby is no longer sleeping in a crib. *snifflewah* He's been able to climb out of the crib for the past week or so, and we decided it was time to change his crib into a toddler bed. So, tonight we also transformed his bed. We took the foot board off (which will become the foot board again when it becomes a twin bed) and put the toddler bed rail on. He can easily get into and out of bed now, but it's much safer than him always climing out of the crib. My baby's not a baby anymore, he's a toddler. Sure, he's been a toddler for awhile now, but this whole crib to toddler bed thing really hits it home. I told him not to grow up too fast and he's just not listening. *pout*

Tonight I also did up three loads of laundry (our clothes) and bathed the Poopchuck.


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