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I Have Corrupted Rob
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This morning I woke up with another one of those headaches that sits right behind my eyes. I tried to sleep it off, but all that did was make it migrate to be worse and only behind my right eye. Luckily, as the day went on the pain eased up.

Before heading out for the day, we called the vet to find out about Sydney's blood work. Most of it came back just fine and she thinks that he'll be all right with the anesthesia for the surgery. So, we scheduled his tooth cleaning and the extraction of the rotten tooth for Thursday December 27. Hopefully, that should help him some and he won't be in any more pain. The thyroid level came back elevated, but not in the danger zone. It's high, but not medication level. Now that Sydney is 12, he'll be having check ups and a blood panel done every six months and not every year. So, the vet's suggestion was to see how it looks in six months. If he gains the weight back then we know that his weight loss was due to eating less because of his bad tooth. If he stays the same or loses more weight, then we know it's because of the thyroid and he'll start thyroid medication. Apparently, while the thyroid came back as high, it's in a grey zone which means it may or may not be the culprit behind his weight loss. And of course I'll keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't start looking too skinny in the meantime. I am so happy to know that his only real problem at the moment is his tooth, and that can just be taken out. Sydney is my first born son (my fur baby) and I have no idea what I would do if anything happened to him. He's a good big fur brother to Gabriel.

When we headed out today, we went over to Carenza so that Rob could get a haircut. Gabriel and I waited in the car. Gabriel fell asleep on the way there and slept the entire time that Rob was getting his hair done. I played around with my Brain Age 2 game on my DS.

After the hair appointment, we made a brief stop at the mall. Rob ran in because he knows how much I hate the mall around Xmas time. I have him some money and asked him to run into Old Navy to grab Sydney another sweater or two. They look really cute on him and help to keep him warm. Rob got some, and also picked up an adorable green polo shirt for the cat. I was shocked. Looks like I've corrupted Rob into being a crazy cat person! He picked out a polo shirt for the cat all on his own! Woot! Mwuhahahahaha. He admitted that this does send him into the realm of crazy cat person and then grumbled.

We headed back home for a little bit and then went out again. I made a stop at Ulta for some hair stuff, we grabbed dinner, and then we went back home for the night.

Tonight we gamed and watched Moonlight. I was happily surprised to see that there was a new episode on tonight.

Just because I want to jot them down on here because I keep forgetting, here are some of Gabriel's new words:
Bed, please, fish, apple, and dance. He's also saying kitty a lot more as well. I'm sure there are others, but these are the ones he's been saying a lot today so they're fresh in my head.


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