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Today we headed into Dubuque. On the way there my Mom made a stop off at the bank and at the post office. When we got to Dubuque, Rob made a run into Target and picked up a monkey back pack baby leash so that Gabriel wouldn't have to be in the stoller the entire time we were in the mall.

Yes, you read that right... mall.

Normally I absolutely hate being in the mall around the holidays, or anytime it's super crowded for that matter. However, today it wasn't all that crowded. Go figure. So, the shopping wasn't so bad.

We stopped in Younkers so that we could pick some gifts up for my Nana. Gabriel was sleeping, so Rob waited by some tables while my Mom and I did the shopping. We found a nightgown and some slippers (which will be from Rob and I) and a brown sweatshirt with some birds on it (which will be from my Mom).

While we were at the mall, we decided to try having Gabriel see Santa once again. There was no success this time either. He spent the entire time screaming and freaking out and trying to get the hell off of Santa. *sigh* So, there won't be any Gabriel and Santa pics this year. *snifflewah*

After the mall we grabbed some dinner at Long John Silvers. Gabriel was super fussy and they didn't have any high chairs, so we just ended up eating in the car. Then we headed back to my Mom's place.


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