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Nightmare Tattoo
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I had an appointment with my new tattoo god (Gary) today at 4pm. Last time I was at his studio, I saw a super cool Nightmare (flaming horse) tattoo and fell in love with it immediatly. Rob and I always joked that he promised to get me a Nightmare sometime. Of course, for some reason, they don't make plushie ones (which surprises me somewhat that Toy Vault - the ones that make the Cthulhu plushies - doesn't make them). When I saw this tattoo I knew I had to get it, so Rob offered to get it for me. Thus fulfilling his promise to get me a Nightmare without having to bring a horse home and set it on fire (I don't think we would get our security deposit back if he did that).

We headed out of the house around 3pm and made a stop at the Post Office so Rob could mail a few things out and then grabbed some lunch at McDonald's. We got to the tattoo appointment a bit early. Rob came to the appointment with me and my Mom babysat Gabriel for us. She dropped us off at the tattoo studio and then headed back home for a bit with the Poopchuck.

Getting a tattoo on my shin was one of the more painful places, especially when it was over with and I had to walk on it.

I got to meet Gary's wife and son while I was there. His son is adorable and spent most of the time drawing. He's really good at drawing for a 6 year old! I have to say that he's probably the best tattoo artist I've ever had. I loved Chester and Rob at Sunset Strip, but Gary's work surpasses theirs and that's saying something. I know that I'll be getting all tattoo and touch up work from him from now on.

Oh, and he thinks he might be able to fix my fish!

Anyway, the Nightmare tattoo looks amazing. It's my new favorite and is probably one of the best done tattoos I have ever seen. He took some pictures of it and it will be going in his portfolio and on his website. When that happens you know that the tattoo turned out good.

This was my Xmas present from Rob.

My Mom picked us up when the tattoo was done and we headed across the street to a restaurant called Dirty Gurtz's Burger Joynt. I'm glad we went there because it was very kid friendly and the wait staff seemed to really like Gabriel. The food was great as well.

After dinner we headed back home. My right shin hurts like hell from where I got the tattoo. I'm going to be sore tomorrow.


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