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I'm back at home, it wasn't an easy drive, but we're all back and safe.

We headed out of my Mom's place around 1pm. The drive was insane. It was super foggy the entire way, to the point where we were lucky if we could see 30 feet ahead of us. It was even raining and foggy at some points. Ugh. Luckily Rob drove because my new tattoo is on my right leg and has been hurting all day. I'm glad I didn't have to drive using it in that sort of weather. No worries about any new speeding tickets, I think we spent most of the time below the speed limit for safety reasons. What is normally around a three hour drive took a little over four. But we weren't on a time crunch and we made it home safe and sound through the nasty fog, and that's what matters.

We made a quick stop off at a drug store on the way home so that I could get some lotion for my new tattoo. Yeah, it hurts, but it looks amazingly cool. When it's healed (if I remember) I'll take a few pics of it. Or, if I find it up on Gary's site, I'll point you all towards it. He's not only the best tattoo artist I have ever had, but he's also probably the best tattoo artist I have ever seen any work from. My othet tats (which so many people have complimented me on) pale in comparison to what he did with my Nightmare.

When we got home we unpacked and went through all the mail. We got a package from my Dad and his wife Cheryl with a whole lot of boxes in it for Gabriel. We'll wait to open them until Xmas. Later on I did up two loads of laundry, we gamed, and Rob bathed the Poopchuck.


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