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Sick Baby and Sick Mommy
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The Poopchuck and I are both sick. I have no idea why, but we always get hit with the same bugs at the exact same time. And I always get the symptoms just a tiny bit before he does.

Last night I kept running to the bathroom about every fifteen minutes or so and barely got any sleep because of it. This morning when Rob and Gabriel headed out to grab some breakfast, Gabriel threw up all over the back seat of Rob's car. It seems we both have some sort of stomach bug going on. Mine is only hitting me down low. Gabriel's is hitting him both up high and down low. He threw up three times today and now is sharing the bathroom woes that I am. Luckily, Rob doesn't seem to have been hit with this bug at all.

Due to the fact that I'm in constant need of a bathroom and Gabriel is sick as well, we decided to postpone our errands until tomorrow. We're in dire need of a grocery store run, but it just wasn't happening today. We'll try and get our errands done tomorrow. I say try because it looks like another big storm will be blowing through here tomorrow. Ick.

Tonight we gamed and I got a load of laundry done.

Oh, this morning Rob and I had to perform an emergency piggy rescue mission. When Gabriel threw up in Rob's car, it got all over his stuffed piggy. This is his number one lovey and he would be devistated if something happened to it. We hoped it didn't have too much vomit on it to be saved (his monkey died from being saturated with vomit). We let the piggy have a ride in the washing machine and dryer (nothing new, he gets cleaned up every so often anyway) and it seemed to have worked! Hooray! Piggy rescue mission was successful!


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