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Lovely Weather (Look! Sarcasm!)
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The weather outside was truly frightful. However, because we had to stay in yesterday due to Gabriel and I coming down with cases of the poopies and the pukies, we had to head out in the crappy weather today. Ugh.

Yesterday the temp was in the 40's and so we had rain. The rain melted alot (but not nearly all) of the snow and made a lot of slush. Today the temp dropped down into the teens (with a below zero wind chill). The winds were really bad and blowing all of the snow and the slush all over the place. And we had another snow storm. The roads were horrible and not plowed at all when we went out. Driving was miserable. We skidded a decent amount and are very lucky to have not gotten into any accidents or stuck in a ditch.

We went to the grocery store because there were some things we absolutely needed to get (like Gabriel's milk and juice). We didn't have much in the house because of our recent trip to my Mom's place. We also made a stop at the pet store so I could pick up some wet food for Sydney. He usually only eats dry food, but he'll need wet food for a little bit after his up-and-coming dental surgery. We grabbed some custard at Kopps (brandy eggnog for me and pistachio nut for Rob) and some nuggets for Gabriel and headed back home for the night.

Tonight we cooked up some pasties for dinner and gamed. We also watched The Amazing Race. Rob bathed the Poopchuck because I'm a bit worried about being in the tub with the little dude while my tattoo is still healing. He likes to poke and prod at my current tattoos and having him do that to my new one would be really bad and painful.

Gabriel's pukies seem to be all better. He didn't throw up once today. He's been eating and drinking well and we've been making sure he gets plenty of Pedialyte. I still have the poopies and so does Gabriel, but it's better than it was yesterday.

I split my lip in two different places and it hurts like hell.


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