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Gabriel is such a cutie. The other day he dropped one of his chicken nuggets and Sydney took the oppportunity to grab it and run away with it. Gabriel gasped when Sydney grabbed it and then started running after Sydney yelling "No! Mine! No! Mine!" over and over. Too cute.

I still have tummy problems. I don't know if this is a bug or something else. Things like saltines with butter and macaroni and cheese seem to work the best. Unfortunately, those are unhealthy and get bleh after awhile. Mexican food is not a good idea.

The snow stopped today and the roads were plowed so we got our errands done. We ran to the Post Office to mail out bills and our COBRA payment (highway robbery). We stopped off at the drug store for me to get my daily asthma inhaler. I made a run into Ulta for some hair stuff for both Rob and I and also picked my Mom up a three pack of really cozy looking socks called NAP. I also made a Babies R Us run and Rob found out why it's a bad idea to let me go in there unsupervised. I went in for two hamper/toy chest things. I got those (one looks like a frog and the other has a teddy bear on it) and a blanket because it had a giraffe on it, and some new tops for Gabriel as well (in my defense he'll be wearing size 2T very soon and doesn't have much of anything in that size yet). We then headed back home for a bit.

We relaxed at home and a little later called in an order and picked up dinner from Pedro's. Mexican food plus stomach problems sucks. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Tonight we watched two of my old VHS movies. The vast majority of you have probably never heard of them (almost no one has) but I know Kat knows them. *smiles*. We watched To Die For (no, not the crappy Nicole Kidman movie, this one was made before that and has nothing to do with that) and To Die For 2: Son of Darkness. After the movies Rob gave the Poopchuck a bath.


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