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The tow
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First, back up behind the vehicle. Next, lower the ramp to slightly nudge the vehicle's back tires onto it. Then let down the cable, hook it under the back of the vehicle [somewhere], and tighten it. Say Hi ... receive the keys. Get in the vehicle, roll down the window (because of alarm on it?), and put it in neutral. Power the cable to pull the vehicle up onto the ramp. All the way up. Drop a chained heavy hook down the ramp (children, hold your ears)on each side of the vehicle. Hook them under the vehicle [somewhere] and insert chain link through holes at the front of the ramp. This is where investing in a belt ... for your pants, is crucial. Pull the chains tight. Set the ramp flat with gears; each side of the tow truck has them for convenience sake. Get back in the vehicle--activate the alarm, why don't you! Roll up the window--now the weather is getting nice, you could leave it down. Take out the keys. Tell the nice lady she's all set. Drive away. Don't forget to wave to the little boy- You forgot. To. Look- Oh well, maybe next time.

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