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45 days
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Got thee degree today! It's beautiful. I wish I could iron it onto a t-shirt or something ... tape it to the inside of my van's back window ... hang it in the bathroom, just some place to show it off. I feel officially booted offline and out of school now. Hope they let me continue to use their library. Gotz to keep up them smarts to go with the piece of paper with both our names on it, ya know.

Spaghetti dinner at the preschool tonight. I have to lend a hand where needed and dish up to-go orders for my mom and 11 of her coworkers and deliver them. Not looking forward to it. Of course. Me to a mom from previous year's experience: "What do we do with our kids when we are helping?" Her: "Well, they just sort of run around." No thanks. Kids are staying home with their dad. The whole having only one car thing factors in too.

I call Ned daily now. My mom called him yesterday to let him know not having a car was depressing me. He told me I shouldn't let it. I didn't realize Ned was a mechanic and a psychologist! Wow, really something. I mentioned to him that this has left me with a lot of time on my hands to file my case against his company. My aunt took me to pick up small-claims forms. $60 and some light paperwork and the wheels will be rolling. Well, not mine. The wheels of justice, I mean.

45 45 45 45 45 days with no ride. Ned said it doesn't seem like it's been that long. Ned. C'mon, buddy. Sometimes a year doesn't seem like that long. Sometimes an entire childhood. A man's life is but a micro blink in relation to the Universe. I'll call Ned again so he can better understand what 45 days feels like....

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