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There are some weeks that feel so long the weekend feels short already, laid out before me. This was one of those. But, hopefully, a night of good sleep and getting up after it's light outside will revive me and I can actually get some things done. Like responding to email -- which I plan to do tomorrow -- and some writing things that have to get done too. I am out of script covers! Alas.

I've been in an odd mood all week, due to afore-intimated busy, busy beeness and tiredness and the weather too. A nice snow storm is something I envy right now. We had to stop at the grocery store tonight and there was no one there buying bread or milk or batteries or anything. If people don't even believe it's going to snow, then it definitely won't.

But Barb read my book and liked it, despite all the fixing and dusting and sharpening that needs to be done to it. And I swear I didn't even pay her to say those things. It was a nice surprise. (Your email is first!) And it shook away my mood.

We got the wonderful "Escape Artist Christopher Moriarty" piece from the amazing Scott Scheidly, who is interviewed on Lowbrow Aristocrats and has a great new series of Tiki Robot pieces(!). Perfect holiday gifts for the whole family.

Prompted by Greg's journal entry, Christopher and I created/updated our wish lists on Amazon. It really is almost as good as shopping. Christopher's is here and mine is here. And yes, Christopher's birthday really is on Christmas.

I was really, really happy to see that architect Samuel Mockbee won a big fancy prize, which he more than deserves. The book of his and his students' work, RURAL STUDIO that came out a year or so ago is wonderful, and he's an amazing guy.

And for those of you who may be concerned about this whole drinking alcohol shrinks your brain pap, don't worry. I assure you that your brain is too heavy anyway. Really.

(p.s. I didn't say this, but get your flu shot now if you haven't -- and I do mean this weekend or early next week.)

earworm: "To Bring You My Love," PJ Harvey

random rec: wasabi peanut pancakes

namecheck: George "Even My Snore Is Cute" the Dog

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