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Last night we went to a company Christmas Party, and there was this great story, that involved chickens. Unfortunately, it would be completely indiscreet of me to tell it here. But, let me summarize: oh my.

Christopher has another wonderful short up today. I think these will increase in frequency from here on out. I hope so, because I like reading them.

I need to get more script packages together, but have neglected to do that this weekend. I have Tuesday off, so perhaps I'll do it then. I'll probably also go to the movies, at least two, but we'll see. Any recommendations? There's lots of stuff that halfway interests me out just now.

We went up to J. Allen Studio, which is the awesomely cool space where we get our hair done, to get supercheap haircuts for charity today. I got mine done by a guy named Chris who was a practitioner of high comedy and convinced me that he is indeed the gayest person I've ever met by telling me that when they called him to come help out (he works at another salon) he had to confess he was, at noon on Sunday, drinking a glass of wine, having Eggs Benedict and jamming out to Celine Dion's cover of "Feliz Navidad." He gave me a kick-ass cut though. And there were cute fireguys there so we got to talk about them. He also told me a secret about his past, but again, discretion is the better part of blogging.

WOW, do I not have much to say today. Fascinating piece on how GROUNDHOG DAY has become a favorite of the clergy in today's NY Times.

And I got sucked into Larry King on Friday night because he had on the meanest psychic ever. Seriously, she sounded mean even when she was being nice. And by all appearances is a total practicioner of tom foolery. She would berate people, even if they were agreeing with her, "Sweatheart, I just said it was a stroke. I just said that. Don't say another word." Or my personal favorite, "Who's the short fat woman?" I don't want to know if the shadowy short fat women of my family history are hanging out in my aura, personally, but lots of people apparently do. Her website is hilarious, btw, and worth checking out: "Welcome, weary traveler."

Must go cook lunch now. Shoo.

Addition: The Netflix curse? Is this true? We did in fact have The Fast Runner for ages before we were in the mood for it...

earworm: "Car Wash" sung by hair stylists

random rec: clementines

namecheck: RD "we haven't seen you in ages" Hall

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