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Teehee, she says evilly, I know nothing except that a semi trailer full of A Certain Magician With Unfortunately Feathered Hair and Girly Cheekbones' equipment wrecked and shut down the interstate for a couple of hours. Scantily clad robot girls were said to be dashing here and there, holding false bottoms and retractable knives.

Today's entry on Girls Are Pretty is wonderful: It's the Lady in the Lake Day.

A couple of days ago I decided not to excerpt the New York Times piece on the Farrelly Brothers about Peter's favorite gag, which he performed on the interviewer. Apparently, however, I can't resist when he does it at the premiere. I quote:

The gross-out humor started early at the premiere of the Farrelly Brothers' latest film, "Stuck on You," when, way up the line on the red carpet from us, PETER FARRELLY exposed his most intimate self.

Why, those of you of philosophical bent must be asking. We know not.

Perhaps it was a variation of that long-running Peter Farrelly gag in which he complains of a great purple growth on his abdomen, which he fears is a melanoma, and then, as the French waiters used to say just before serving up a surprise, "Voilą!"

This is going to make the fact that we're going on the South Beach Diet as of tomorrow slightly easier. (Oh hush, we're not turning into THOSE people or anything.) I can just think about Peter Farrelly's, uh, melanoma.

earworm: "Army of Me," Bjork

random rec: cheeseburgers! it's your last night of freedom, live it up! (oh wait, that's us...)

namecheck: Boris the Cat Who Tried To Eat My Book

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