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That is the most exciting news of the day. I can't talk about the context in which this was revealed to me, but suffice it to say it involves commerce and surprises and you shouldn't think about it too hard. (You know who you are!)

The first day on the SB Diet (so far) -- and oh, do I have an aversion to the diet word, more like hate, hate, hate -- not so bad. The food is quit good and I think this may just work. Especially if it can sustain me on a chicken-with-its-head-on-but-someone-chasing-it day like today.

Have you seen the pictures of Renee Zelweger with the Bridget Jones' weight? She looks great. Renee, stay this way! You look much better and less like your cheeks are going to cave in at any moment revealing you for the dry brittle husk you've become. We love you this way!

Nice WP interview with Diane Keaton about how unusual it is for a woman of a certain age (which is, um, not old except to teenagers) to star in a rom-com.

And, of course, the corollary, an idol of old-time womanizing, Hugh Hefner's little black books are going up for auction, from the NYTimes.

That is all. We have to go shop for boots.

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