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Happy New Year, everybody...

Since I've already inflicted enough list damage for a decade in the past week, I'll spare you any further assessment of last year or the new one.

I spent the morning, well, sleeping in, to be honest, exhausted by the exhaustion of yesterday's hangover, but after that I cleaned house, putting away all the gifts that we got and tossing bags full of wrapping paper. Giving George too many biscuits. Defragged the hard drive on The Behemoth, which was trying, but seems to have helped.

And well, now it's almost time to move to Rewrite City. I actually feel more at home there anyway. First Draftville, with all its excitements and horrors, can be nice and I realize I have to spend a certain amount of time there. But Rewrite City -- I can stretch out and get comfortable, I have a job to do, things will be better when I finish. Yes, it has its anguish too and its not an easy place, but I like it better. And so, I'm looking forward to going back to The Girl Gang, armed with some reactions of other people and my own after a couple of months away, and making it into what it's supposed to be.

For the first time, really, I'm going to attempt to cohabit Rewrite City and First Draftville, because I still have a new script to finish. Usually, this means one project gets shelved while I work on the other one, but I'm going to do my best to work on both of these simultaneously and I think it's possible. In fact, I think it may even be sane-keeping. Stay tuned.

An interesting piece in the Washington Post about ten truly unique works of art.

That's it for today. The Cow on Wheels says hi, and he is not a trickster figure.

earworm: "Woman in the Wall," Beautiful South


namecheck: Terry "Conscientious Blogger" Teachout

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