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This is a short one.

DOGS HATE BUSH is in need of more dogs! Yes, the proprietor of this website has gotten settled in, has the preliminary design down and is now just in need of photos of your dogs that hate Bush. The procedure for submitting your dog is available here (it's quite simple, email a photo of the dog to the edress). Please pass this along to people you know with politically hornery dogs.

You know you want to. Coming soon: Cats Hate Bush Too.

Also, FREAKY FRIDAY, the remake, is wonderful. Rent it. It's very standard until the switcheroo about 15 minutes in, but then it's just pure hilarity. Jamie Lee Curtis gives one of the best performances of her career and one of the classic female comedy performances as a teenager trapped in her mother's body. Seriously! And the teenager who plays the daughter really holds her own with her. See it.

We've already gymed (yay!), despite the fact that lately George is waking us several times a night with heavy breathing and a dire need to go outside. Now, the afternoon will be consumed by research, then a little writing.

Hope your day is good.

earworm: "Miss Ohio," Gillian Welch (Soul Journey)

random rec: George Rowe the Dog's recently updated Night Shade thread (he's been busy!)

namecheck: Max "Hateress Bunny" Adams

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