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Wine is what I'm about to have, having only managed to get through the research for the story I intended to write this weekend. Now it gets written this week and THEN on to YA novel revisionland and new script pages (actually, there have been a few new script pages in the interim, but they're squeezing out slowly).

We were lucky enough to receive a copy of the beautiful first issue of Alchemy in the mail from Steve Pasechnick at Edgewood Press. I can't emphasize enough what a great-looking magazine this is, and all the stories look wonderful to boot -- new work from Alex Irvine, Theodora Goss, Carol Emshwiller, and more. I might also say this is a departure from most genre fiction magazines in that it features FOUR stories by women, out of a total of six. Buy it directly from Steve at PO Box 380264, Cambridge, MA 02238; the price on the spine is $7. I couldn't locate a website at the moment; however, I'm sure it'll be available some other places as well.

We watched I CAPTURE THE CASTLE last night. Buffy fans will note that Mark Blucas (Riley) is in this one, in a fairly large role. It's not as good as the book, but then it couldn't be because so much of what makes Dodie Smith's book great is the voice and the writing. But it's a fine, enjoyable movie taken on its own merits.

And a poem I like lots from THE POETS' GRIMM anthology:

Two Lines from the Brothers Grimm

by Gregory Orr

Now we must get up quickly,
dress ourselves, and run away.

Because it surrounds us, because
they are coming with wolves on leashes,
because I stood just now at the window
and saw the wall of hills on fire.

They have taken our parents away.
Downstairs in the half dark, two strangers
move about, lighting the stove.

earworm: Trailer Bride


namecheck: Steve "Alchemical" Pasechnick

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