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If you haven't mosied over to Karen Joy Fowler's home page in awhile, now's a good time to do so. Just to remind yourself how excited you are that THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB comes out in April, and how you will tell everyone you know and/or meet to read it and buy it and love it because Karen deserves that and this book deserves that.

You can read the prologue, take a peek at the wonderful Reader's Guide, and take a quiz to find out "Who's your Jane Austen?" This is something everyone should know. I'm: "Like Prudie, your Austen wrote books that changed every time you read them, so that one year they were all romances and the next, cool and ironic. Her Austen is the one who died, possibly of Hodgkin's disease, when she was only forty-one years old. You may be by turns insecure and snobbish."

Or skip all that and just go preorder. You'll get your wings if you do, I promise.

This has been brought to you by the JABC Guerilla Campaign. There will be repetition.


Other than that, yesterday was taken up with your faithful Bondgirl's favorite activity: spending too much on fabulous shoes at a really fabulous shoe sale and then being wracked with guilt about it. At least until I put the shoes on again and pranced around in them. I got these great Think! Sun and Moon sandals, the Merrell Sprint Blasts pictured at the top of this page, and another cool pair of Think! shoes that are little mini-boots I can't find a picture of online. Anyway, shoes!

And today has been consumed by laundry and getting George out to the parents in preparation for Mexico next weekend. More later.

earworm: silence is golden in the country

rec: John's New Classic Shoes

namecheck: George "We're Really Sad We Won't See You For Two Whole Weeks" The Dog

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