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Orthopedic shoes -- the nerve! So, maybe, technically, a pair or two of the shoes has orthopedic soles. They're cute, really! And comfy! And you should see what happened to my grandmother's shoes after years of heels. Must fight need to go buy stilettos.

That's better.


I've been poking around on the net, checking out any random news stories that might mention San Miguel de Allende. Today, sadly, I came across an obituary for one of those people you hear so much about in conjunction with San Miguel -- one of those artists who moved there, and stayed. Reva Brooks was a Canadian photographer, who moved there with her husband. But I'll just quote this story for you:

Reva Brooks, a Toronto-born photographer who was selected as one of the top 50 women photographers of all time, has died at age 90. Brooks died Saturday in Mexico, said Stephen Bulger, owner of Toronto's Bulger Gallery. Brooks and her artist-husband, Leonard Brooks, an official Canadian navy artist in the Second World War, moved to the art colony of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, in 1947 and never returned to live in Toronto, said a biography issued by Bulger.

In 1975 the San Francisco Museum of Art selected her as one of the top 50 women photographers in history. The New York Museum of Modern Art 20 years earlier had included her in its Family of Man exhibit, one of the most famous photographic shows ever.

A biography titled Leonard and Reva Brooks: Artists in Exile in San Miguel de Allende was published in 2001 by McGill-Queen's University Press. "In Mexico they discovered a vibrant, sometimes even dangerous society and a dynamic artistic community, unlike the mundane world they had left behind in Canada with its stale and unwelcoming artistic scene," the publisher said in a summary of the book. "Invigorated by their new environment, Leonard and
Reva ended up staying for over half a century, playing a key role in establishing San Miguel de Allende as a world-famous art colony."

You can check out some of her photographs here and here. They have an amazingly specific depth and spirit to them.


And speaking of photographs, if newspapers are going to run a story about a squid that glows, be it online or in print, then they are going to need to run a photo. Running one on a website doesn't even run up the CMYK tab. But, I had to look all over to FINALLY find a picture of the Evil Glowing Squid they've found in Hawaii.


You were of woman born, right? Then you and everyone else in the world has seen a freaking breast, though possibly not one with a barbell piercing. Either way, get over it and tell the FCC to not waste the people's money investigating whether the wardrobe misbehaved.

earworm: "Kiko and the Lavender Moon," Los Lobos

rec: margaritas with lots of salt

namecheck: Greg "That Giant Glowing Squid Is Coming For You" van Eekhout

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