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Not quite time for the highlights reel yet -- pictures must get transferred onto our web space and such. But soon, before it all fades.

Today, all I've got is miscellaneous.

A very sad story in the WP Magazine exploring Reetika Vazirani and her son's deaths, by her hand. (The WP is requiring a new registration feature, but it's free and quick.) There was a story on Morning Edition awhile back of Howard Norman and Jane Shore talking about returning home to their house, where the tragedy happened, and trying to reclaim it. And a quick search shows that piece is still accessible in NPR's archives.

There's also a rock and roll for the troops story in the WP.

Cup of Chicha offers notes toward a blog comments taxonomy. (With interesting comments, of course.) I have to say I'm always shocked and confused when someone I don't know -- at least tangentally -- comments here, not that it happens that often.

Gay marriages continue merrily in San Francisco in what is surely the feel great story of the year. Honestly, there aren't enough things that happen these days that just make you proud and teary and hopeful and righteously indignant (that this is a deal at all) all at the same time. (Link via Jed Hartman, who has a great post about the scene outside City Hall.) I'm not going to get into my own feelings on this subject, except to say that it seems quite literally insane to me that anyone could read these stories and see the pictures of these couples and still object. I don't get that. I don't get why I should be able to easily get married and not have to worry about a court saying it's void and someone else who just happens to be marrying a member of the same sex can't. I. Just. Don't. Get. It. Of course, there's a lot of things I don't get about the legal aspects of marriage, this is the just the most egregious. Sigh. It's too banal an argument to even MAKE. Anyway, it is a source of great hope to me that there is still apparently one principled politician out there who is willing to go to the mat. And who was so damn smart about it. Color me jealous. I'll trade you mayors anytime.

Like we all didn't know the ocean is in dire peril? Have you seen the things that've been washing up lately?

Richard sends handy time waster where you can learn your daily superhero identity. Mine was Madame Wolf, which I love, and I get to wear silk pajamas, which I also love. Not to mention my super power is invisible ears. Look out, criminals!

For our reader in Dubai, a long NYTimes piece on where you're at. (Of course, we realize that our reader in Dubai is probably just skimming a dull, link-filled post such as this and won't see it. But just in case...)

And last -- aren't you relieved? -- they may have found the HMS Beagle.

I have tomorrow morning off, so maybe, mebee the bells, the bells in the morning.

earworm: "Still in Hollywood," Concrete Blonde

rec: Churro tostadas (also, asking the lady what day the avocadoes will be ready)

namecheck: Jack "Yes, You, You in Dubai" Hillwig

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